Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Whether or not you are a big supporter of this internationally celebrated romantic day, there is nothing better than an excuse to be romantic with your partner and do something special. Whether it’s a lovely dinner out at your favorite restaurant, a gorgeous home cooked meal for two or the exchange of a special card or gift, this is the time of year to be loved up.


I think this year I will trawl through my recipe files.

I’ll look through potential Valentines Day Recipes to find a special meal that we can enjoy outside on our balcony with a nice glass of wine (after the kids are in bed of course). I will probably cook one of his personal favorites such as this Party Chicken or the Smoked Salmon & Potato Frittata. I don’t usually prepare desserts but on Valentine’s Day I probably will. I trialed a new Blueberry Cobbler recently which he loved (recipe coming soon) so that dish will probably make an appearance on the night.


I do love to buy a small something special for my husband.

I am the first to admit that I get super excited if he returns the favor. Unfortunately, he is the type that needs some gentle hinting and nudging so in many cases I need to give subtle hints or leave brochures conspicuously lying around. I sometimes even resort to sending him the occasional link to something on my wish list with a comment “check this out”!!


Most years I struggle to come up with Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

I always seemed to leave it to the last minute and wish that I had put more time and more thought into choosing a gift. Not this year!  I have done my research in advance and have come up with a unique list of really cool Valentine’s Day gift ideas. I haven’t decided what I will get him just yet however I am no longer stuck for ideas.


Check out the list below.

There are Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her and for him that will be sure to surprise and impress so check them out below (there’s even something for the puppy!). There’s a great range of gift ideas so you will be sure to find something suitable in your price range.


Make this Valentine’s Day a little special. Search for that perfect Valentines Day recipe or exchange gifts and remind yourself how lucky you are to be in love. Enjoy!


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