Time Saving Cooking Tips: 10 Ideas to Give You More Time In the Day

Time Saving Cooking Tips: 10 Ideas to Give You More Time In the Day

Just like so many of you, I am a busy mum, always on the go, so I am constantly looking for ways to save time in the kitchen without sacrificing the quality, taste or range of our family meals. Over time, I have learned some terrific time saving cooking tips that provide me with extra valuable time to spend with the children or to simply do as I please.  I’d like to share some of those tips with you here:


Time Saving Cooking Tips

  • Keep a jar of chopped ginger and garlic in the fridge. If a recipe calls for finely chopped ginger or garlic then you can save time by using it from the jar. I prefer the fresh option but sometimes there is just no time.
  • Double up. Whenever possible, cook double the recipe so that you can freeze half to use later on  another day.
  • Multi task. Rather than watch the pot of water boil, prepare other elements of the recipe in between.
  • Clean as you go. Do a few dishes as you cook. Get your sink full of warm, soapy water so you can drop utensils and other cooking items in to soak once you’re done with them.
  • Make ahead. Prepare some or all of your family meal in advance when you have more time rather than leave it all until your daily “rush hour.”
  • Plan ahead. Get organized by sitting down and using a weekly meals planner to establish a menu for the week so that you can prepare a grocery shopping list and buy your supermarket requirements in advance.
  • Invest in and use a slow cooker. Once you have prepared the ingredients, you can set and forget the meal until dinner time.
  • Have all the ingredients chopped and measured and ready to go on your kitchen bench before you start cooking.
  • Keep week night meals simple and healthy. You don’t need to spend hours cooking to serve up a delicious and nutritious meal. Pastas, stir fries, pizza on pita bread and BBQ and salad are all fast options. Save the experimenting for those days when you have more time.
  • When preparing an ingredient for a meal knowing  you will need more later in the week, prepare extra and store it in the fridge (i.e. chopped parsley, grated cheese, sliced onion.)

What are your best, time saving cooking tips? Please tell us in the comment section below.

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