Picnic Food Ideas

Picnic Food Ideas

A picnic is one of the most enjoyable activities for adults and children alike and can be a great outing for families and friends.  The setting can be the beach, the local park, a public garden or even your backyard or front lawn.  With a little planning and some great food, a picnic can be super easy to organize.


Picnic Food Ideas

Picnics are all about sharing, so ask everyone to bring along a couple of plates of food to share and enjoy amongst the group. Choose picnic food that can be eaten cold and that will travel well. Here are some ideas:



A few yummy nibbles to enjoy before the main event as people arrive such as:

  • A platter of cheeses & crackers, nuts, olives cold cuts and pate
  • A homemade dip such as this easy Smoked Mackerel Dip

The Main Event

All of the following picnic food ideas can be cooked in advance and are delicious served cold.

Something Sweet

It’s lovely to enjoy something sweet afterwards.


Picnic Essentials

What you will need for your picnic will depend on the location however some basics include;

  • picnic blanket, mat or rug to sit on (preferably one with a waterproof underside)
  • A decent sized picnic basket that contains a set of plates, cutlery, napkins and plastic glasses
  • Condiments i.e. Salt & Pepper, Sauces, Dressings (depends on what picnic food you bring along)
  • Lightweight, foldable picnic chairs (optional)
  • good quality thermos if you would like to enjoy a tea or coffee at your picnic
  • Food storage containers to transport the food
  • portable esky to transfer your food and keep it cold
  • A selection of drinks for the group


Picnic Ideas & Tips

  • Share the load. Ask everyone to bring a couple of plates of picnic food.
  • Bring food that travels well (i.e. in the car and in the esky).
  • If you bring a salad, take the dressing in a jar and dress the salad just before serving to stop it going soggy.
  • Bring insect spray to ward off any mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Bring ample drinking water.
  • Bring a few activities for the group such as a frisbee, ball or cricket set.
  • Bring a rubbish bag in case there is no access to a public rubbish bin.
  • Check the weather before you go!

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