In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen

Probably my most treasured items in my kitchen, I cannot speak highly enough of my Scan Pan saucepans. They are quite pricey but worth every cent. I was lucky enough to be given my set as a wedding gift and have never looked back. The sizes in this set are all perfect for my cooking needs, nothing sticks and they are easy to clean. Love them and would never go back.

Another kitchen item that I won’t scrounge on areknives. My Wusthof knives aren’t cheap so I bought them gradually over a few years to build my own set. A good quality sharp knife makes a big difference to your food preparation so this is one item for me where I won’t sacrifice quality. My set now includes a bread knife, carving knife, cooks knife, utility knife, paring knife, a sharpening steel and shears.

These nifty containers keep my fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 3 weeks which means I very rarely throw out unused fresh produce anymore. All fruits and vegetables have different airflow requirements when stored in the fridge and the containers have two valves to adjustdepending on what you are storing in them. They take up a bit of room in the fridge but for the money that I save, I don’t mind.

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