6 Ways to Keep Bath Water Warm

6 Ways to Keep Bath Water Warm

6 Ways to Keep Bath Water Warm

Warm Bath Water

A warm, soothing bath can be the perfect way to destress after a long day, especially as the weather grows colder. Relaxation can quickly turn into frustration, however, when your bath water won’t stay warm for long enough to make the effort worth it.

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Here are a few simple tricks for how to keep bath water hot so you can get more use out of your tub!

6 Tips for How to Keep Bath Water Warm

1. Consider the Tub Material

Keeping bath water warm all starts with the material of your bathtub. Certain materials are better insulators than others, meaning they’ll retain heat for longer.

Acrylic tubs that are properly insulated can retain heat very well. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors, are lightweight and durable, and are resistant to cracking and chipping. If you’re struggling with keeping your bath water warm, it may be time for a bathtub replacement. A tub upgrade not only makes for a better bathing experience, but also increases your home value and offers a great return on investment compared to many other home improvement projects.

2. Preheat Your Bath to a High Temperature

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One method for how to keep bath water hot is filling up the tub with water that is hotter than your desired temperature. Similar to preheating a pan in the oven when you want to get a nice sear on your steak, preheating a bathtub allows the tub material to absorb heat from the water before you get in.

Without preheating, the cold tub surface will pull in the heat from your bath water while you’re bathing and you’ll be left with your teeth chattering far too soon.

3. Use a Quality Bubble Bath

Bubble baths aren’t just a fun way to get your kids into the tub—in fact, they’re very functional when it comes to keeping bath water warm. While preheating your tub helps the tub material retain heat for longer, your bath also loses heat from the surface of the water.

Bubble baths serve as a barrier along the water’s surface, which prevents heat transfer from your hot bath into the cooler air outside of the tub. The more bubbles you have in your bath, the longer the water will retain its heat.

4. Keep the Bathroom Door Closed

This may seem like a no-brainer, as most people like their privacy when bathing regardless, but for parents of young children, it makes sense to keep the bathroom door open while bathing so you can monitor your children from afar. However, a simple way to keep your bath water warm for longer is to close the bathroom door when bathing.

Keeping the bathroom door closed traps the steam coming from the hot water in the bathroom and warms the air around the tub. This will prevent heat transfer while you’re bathing, as the air in contact with the surface of the water isn’t cold and therefore won’t draw as much heat out of the bath water.

5.Use Hot Stones

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Hot stones can help increase the luxurious experience of your bath while also keeping the water warm for longer. Stones used for baths tend to be made of basalt, a volcanic stone known to retain heat at very high temperatures. By preheating hot stones and adding them to your bath, they’ll slowly release heat into the water as you bathe, keeping the water hot for the entirety of your bath.

6. Get a Space Heater

One last trick for how to keep bath water hot is solving the issue of a cold bathroom. If your bathroom is poorly insulated, your bathtub and the air surrounding your tub is likely responsible for stealing the heat from your bath water.

A quick fix for this issue is a space heater. Keep in mind that it’s never recommended to use electrical appliances near a water source. You should only consider running the space heater to heat the bathroom prior to filling the tub.

Once the room is adequately heated, unplug the space heater and move it far away from the tub prior to turning on the tap. By heating the room before you bathe, you bath water is more likely to retain heat for longer.

Bathtub Faucet

Ready for a Bathtub Upgrade?

If you’ve tested all methods to keep bath water warm longer and haven’t found success, consider upgrading to a new tub from Long Baths™. Made of high-density ABS—the same material used to make bowling balls—and coated in acrylic, our bathtubs are long-lasting and built to retain heat for a better bathing experience.

Call 844-308-9135 or contact us online today to get a quote or schedule a free, in-home consultation!

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