Crumbing Tips: How to Crumb Meat & Vegetables

Crumbing Tips: How to Crumb Meat & Vegetables

Add a little excitement to your meat, fish, chicken and vegetable dishes by using the crumbing technique. Crumbing is a simple way to add flavor and crunch to everyday meals and most children love crumbed food. Crumbing usually involves coating the food in seasoned flour, then dipping it in a liquid, such as whisked egg or milk, and then pressing it firmly into fresh or dried breadcrumbs to create a coating that becomes golden and crisp when cooked.


By following my simple tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to get the perfect crumb coating every time.

  • Before you start crumbing, arrange the ingredients you’ll need for the crumb coating in the order you’ll be using them. Place the flour on a large plate and season with salt and pepper. Crack the eggs into a seperate bowl and use a fork to lightly whisk. Place the breadcrumbs on a separate plate next to the whisked egg.
  • If desired, combine the breadcrumbs with an additional flavor base such as grated parmesan cheese, lemon rind, herbs and spices such as parsley or garlic powder for extra taste.
  • Use one hand to dip the meat or vegetable in the flour and shake off any excess. Then use the other hand to dip the floured meat in the egg, making sure the piece is completely covered in the egg. Make sure you drain off any excess egg before transferring the meat or vegetable to the breadcrumbs.
  • Transfer the meat/vegetable to the breadcrumbs and press firmly to coat on both sides. Place the crumbed meat, in a single layer on a large plate. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes before frying. This will help the crumb coating stick to the meat during the cooking process.
  • You can choose to bake or pan fry your crumbed food.
  • When pan frying it, make sure you heat the cooking oil to the correct temperature. A medium to high temperature works best. If the oil isn’t hot enough, it won’t seal the crumbing mixture. If it’s too hot, the crumbing mixture will burn before the food is cooked through.
  • You can test if the oil is already hot by sprinkling water to the heated oil in pan. If it sizzles very fast, this is an excellent indication that your cooking oil is perfectly hot for frying crumbed food.
  • Cook the meat or veg, in batches, for 4 to 5 minutes each side or until golden and cooked through. Cooking in batches helps maintain oil temperature and prevents the crumbed item from becoming soggy.
  • Once cooked, place the crumbed food on a plate covered with paper towel to absorb any excess oil.
  • If baking, line the crumbed food on a baking tray and cook in a pre-heated oven until golden and crisp and cooked through, making sure to turn it over half way. (Optional – you can spray your crumbed food with oil spray).
  • Enjoy your crumbed food with your favorite salad or vegetables and dipping sauce (my kids love ketchup or mayo but I love Chili Lime Mayo or Lemon & Dill Mayo).

Instead of cooking meat and vegetables plain, try crumbing your food which will delight the whole family.

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