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Ciroc Apple Recipes


Here are some of our favourite Ciroc Apple recipes for creating delicious drink combinations that will bring out the character of this outstanding flavoured vodka.


The best mixer for Apple Ciroc

The smooth and refreshing taste of Apple Cîroc vodka is perfect for enjoying on its own with ice, but it also doubles up as a high-quality mixer.

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Simple, elegant, clear

Apple Ciroc is rich and distinctive, delivering crisp and vibrant apple, with hints of citrus and vanilla rounding out the flavour profile.

The best mixer for Apple Ciroc is, of course, up to you – but we’ve spent some time with mixologists to identify the perfect partner for this premium flavoured vodka.

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Smooth and clean, the confident character of Apple Ciroc means it can hold its own alongside fruit juices, white wine and flavoured syrups.

If you’re searching for some inspiration, here are some of our favourite simple Ciroc apple recipes.

  • Double Dutch Cucumber & WatermelonMix Apple Ciroc with Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon for an ultimate refreshing summer spritz that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Serve with ice and apple slices for a fresh hit of flavour.
  • Double Dutch Ginger BeerBring some spice to the party by pairing Apple Ciroc with Double Dutch Ginger Beer. This fiery treat is the perfect winter warmer for those long, cold evenings.
  • Prosecco/ChampagneFor a truly decadent delight, pair Apple Ciroc with prosecco or champagne. This tried and tested combination will add for an elegant twist to any celebration or event. Or run a bath, switch off the phone and treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation.


Apple Cîroc comes to life when combined in a cocktail.

You can simply swap your plain vodka for Apple Ciroc to give any vodka-based cocktail a brand new focus and flavour. Experiment with that classics and you’ll be amazed at the results. A shot of Apple Ciroc will give your bloody mary a fresh flavour, spruce up your screwdriver and supercharge your sex on the beach.

To truly enjoy its potential, here are some modern takes on classic combinations.

Apple & Cranberry Moscow Mule

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The Moscow Mule is a classic cocktail, but even it can be improved. Give it an extra taste kick with a healthy dash of Apple Ciroc. Swapping plain vodka for Cîroc Apple gives this stone-cold classic a modern twist.

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  • 50ml Ciroc Apple vodka
  • 25ml cranberry juice
  • Top With Double Dutch Ginger Beer
  • Crushed Ice
  • Cranberry bitters (optional)


  • Lime Wedge
  • Mint


  1. Pour the Ciroc Apple vodka and cranberry juice into a metal mug, julep tin or tumbler.
  2. Fill ¾ full with crushed ice, then fill to the top with the ginger beer and stir gently to combine.
  3. Add a few dashes of cranberry bitters.
  4. Mix, then serve with a sprig of mint to garnish and a wedge of lime.

Rhubarb & Apple Strudel

Fruit cocktails are all the rage as adventurous drinkers seek to break free from the monotony of mojitos. This delicate delight balances Apple Cîroc with a combination of fruit juices to provide a unique and refreshing cocktail with a kick.



  • 30ml Ciroc Apple vodka
  • 15ml Liquor 43 ( vanilla liqueur)
  • 50ml Cloudy Apple Juice
  • 15ml Lemon Juice
  • 25ml Rhubarb Cordial


  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Apple Slice


Shake all ingredients vigorously in a cocktail shaker with ice to create a foam and double strain into a coupe glass.

Garnish with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon and a slice of apple for a totally delicious treat.


Have some fun and use your inspiration and pair Apple Ciroc with your mixer of choice. Create your own combinations. The only limit is your imagination.

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